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UK Travellers Can Book on TripAdvisor

By Lisa Shields

13 : 18h

For the first time, UK travellers can now complete bookings on the world's largest travel site by clicking "Book on TripAdvisor."

Why sign up for Instant Booking on Trip Advisor?

Our partnership with TripAdvisor means that you’re eligible to capture guest bookings directly on the world’s largest travel site.

Here's four great reasons why its worth considering:

1. Once you complete the sign-up process, travelers already visiting TripAdvisor to plan their trips and compare hotel options can easily complete the process by booking instantly with you, without leaving the site

2. You own the customer relationship from start to finish

3. No risk with simple “Pay for Stays” commission model

4. No commitment and no up-front investment- You  only pay for bookings that turn into stays

So, how can you tap into this new booking channel and increase your hotel website bookings?

It's easy: Work with a Premium Partner, certified to offer Instant booking on Trip Advisor

If you are already working with p3 Technology, its easy – our exciting new partnership with TripAdvisor means we are already driving extra bookings for our customers. Get in touch with us now and you can start capturing bookings directly on TripAdvisor!

Contact Me Now to Find Out More About Trip Advisor Instant Book


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